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Itá Ibaté is an Argentinean town located in the General Paz department of the province of Corrientes, 154 kilometers from Corrientes and 164 kilometers from Posadas, capital of Misiones.

Air access to Itá Ibaté

Itá Ibaté does not have an airport, but it does have three nearby cities: 'Cambá Punta' International Airport, in Corrientes Capital, and the 'Libertador General San Martín' International Airport in Posadas.

Misiones also has the International Airport of Puerto Iguazú or Iguazú Falls, located in the city of Puerto Iguazú, and crossing the border with Brazil is the International Airport of Foz do Iguaçu, in the Brazilian state of Paraná.

Approximate distances to Itá Ibaté

Buenos Aires, Argentina: 1054 Km.
San Pablo, Brasil: 1522 km.
Canadá: 10389 km.